GCJBA Teams Summer 17/18


Teeball Gold Teeball Maroon Rookie Ball Little League
Coach Mel Coach Miranda Coach Brendon Coaches Cailen and Adis
Jackson Georgeou Bella Collins Jessica Brown Harry Brown
Xavier Georgeou Bobby Cox Tyson Collins Ryder Donaldson
Tiara-Lee King Cooper Hangar Tyler Dolan Liam Fitzroy
Ainsley O'neill Haylee Hollis Ashton Draper Ryan Gaffney
Saxon O'Neill Zac Hollis  Christian Draper Chaz Hardisty 
Charlotte Ritchie Declan Nicholson Riley Duff Cooper Hardisty
Harrison Stevens Tyson Weavell Tess Hatcher Bryn Hatcher
    Taj Jones Tristan Hinde
  Be aware Coach Miranda Jayden Lee Landon Kafoa
  is away so Coach Trev Maxwell Nansen Fisher Lee
  and Coach Glenn will Jasper Wakefield-Cook Kurt Yardy
  help you out! Ariella Weavell  


Note:  1.  Any player not listed is to contact their team Coach for correction. 
       2.  Away games, please be there 30 mins before T-ball or 45 mins before Rookie and Little League games. 
       3.  Home games, if you could aim to get there at least 60 mins early and help set up especially when teeball goes back to one venue, as there is a lot to get setup and not much time to do it in.